US COLLEGE Of Automotive Excellence

Making certain all employees are performing at peak levels is an important feature of all successful dealerships. USWC's two levels of Customized Performance Training – the US College of Automotive Excellence and Dealer Development, help ensure maximum sales penetration and efficiency.

USWC training specialists hold regionally focused classes – in or out of the dealership – covering successful F&I sales strategies, CSI and compliance. Classes of 1 to 5 days can be customized to meet the exact needs of each dealership.



  • Three Phases of Selling: Interview Process, Product Sales & Menu Presentation
  • Finance Professionals Role and Responsibility
  • Regulations and Compliance
  • Product Knowledge
  • Objection Handling Tools
  • Credit Process/Lender Relations

    “Great Class!!!”
    “Outstanding, I learned a lot. Top notch instruction.”
    “Would recommend it to anyone.”
    “We should have something like this every year to learn more and refresh what is forgotten.”
    “I’ve been to JM&A & Universal, this was, by far, the best class I have been to. I would like to attend again in the future.”
    “Found it to be very knowledgeable and can see my income benefit from this class.”

    “This course has actually provided me with better understanding of my job and has motivated me to do better.”
    “This was an excellent class and the training was the best I have ever had.”
    “Great class. The instructor really knows her stuff and did her best to prepare us for our roles.”
    “I was amazed at the info the instructor has and was able to share.”
    “I thought the class and instructor was very informative.”
    “The instructor took me from a green nervous wreck to best in class.”